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Peta Lloyd is a British artist working with performance. In 2020 she completed a PhD at Oxford Brookes University which examined how text can become the main element of a performative practice. She is interested in how the presentation of text influences its reading, and plays with words and discrepancies between words and actions. She has performed works on the street, conference settings and in a range of museums and art galleries. 


Recently drawing has become part of her interest and practice. ‘(Nearly) a year of exercise in lockdown’ was exhibited in Figurative Art Now, an Online Exhibition for the Mall Gallery and in the Bath Open Art Prize exhibition in 2021. 


During lockdown she started experimenting with performance to camera and exhibited in RAW, Recorded Action Web Exhibition hosted by Bbeyond in Belfast (2021) and in ‘Wordplay’, part of FaB Fringe Arts Bath (2022).

In 2023 Peta and artist Clare Carswell formed performance duo GIDDY STICKS to make works that challenge perceptions of the invisible and silent older woman. In energetic and noisy performances they use handmade whimsical props and employ repetitive action, embracing the absurd and improvisation. GIDDY STICKS ensure that these older women are seen and heard !

From 2013 -2019 Peta curated performance events and festivals with Veronica Cordova de le Rosa as part of LAPER the Live Art and Performance Group.

In 2022 she and artist and COU COU curator Clare Carswell set up the BIDDY project showcasing the work of older women artists. They curated the BIDDY performance programme for FaB Fringe Arts Bath in 2022, the FEET UP event Oxford May 2023 and the OLD TROUTS performance event for Frome Festival Somerset July 2023. They lead the monthly BIDDY BOOST research and production group for older women artists in Oxfordshire and will curate an exhibition of work by the artists in Oxford in 2024. 

Recent work 2023 - 

  • 'Here I am I am Here' for Presence curated by Veronica Cordova de la Rosa Hundred Years Gallery, London November 2023

  • 'Changing Perspectives’ (drawing) National Brain Appeal, Fundraising Art Exhibition, A Letter in Mind, Gallery Different, London November 2023

  • ‘Pop It’, ‘Untitled’ (with Austin Sherlaw-Johnson) Charlbury Street Fair, September 2023

  • ‘Celery’ (with Clare Carswell, as Giddy Sticks), ‘Pop It’ as part of OLD TROUTS Frome Festival Somerset,  Silk Mill Studios, Frome July 2023

  • ‘ Old Gobs’ (with Clare Carswell, as Giddy Sticks), ‘Pop It’, Feet Up, Magdalen Art Space, Oxford, May 2023

  • ‘Old Gobs’ (with Clare Carswell as Giddy Sticks) Mood, OVADA, Oxford May 2023

  • ‘A Short History of British Housing, Industrial Revolution to Present Day’, I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down, Hundred Years Gallery, London March 2023

  • ‘Box Head,EYES’, ‘Box Head, It just is’ Instant Vortex Plus, Colchester March 2023



Recent work 2022 - 


  • ‘Moving with friends again’ National Brain Appeal, Fundraising art exhibition, A Letter in Mind, Gallery Different, London, November 2022

  • ‘Box Head’ Wordplay 44AD film and street performance, Fringe Arts Bath June 2022

  • ‘Pop’ BIDDY, Fringe Arts Bath May 2022

Recent work 2021 -


  • ‘Gift Performance’ - VR Exhibition Fall Term @ ECC Performance Art, March 2022

  • ‘A year of exercise alone in lockdown’ (A4 version) -Inspirational Women Artists, ‘a space’ arts, Southampton, March 2022

  • (Nearly) a year of exercise, alone, in lockdown’ - Bath Open Art Prize 44AD Artspace, Bath October 2021

  • ‘Fragile’ (with Austin Sherlaw-Johnson), ‘It just is (2), ‘Line up and join in’ -  Charlbury Street Fair, Outdoor Performances 2021

  • (Nearly) a year of exercise, alone, in lockdown’ - Figurative Art Now, Online Exhibition Mall Galleries July – September 2021

  • ‘The weeks rush by as the hours linger’ - HOME BOOKS Artists’ books made in lockdown, (with Clare Carswell, Annie Rapstoff and Rhiannon Evans) Cou Cou Project Space, May 2021

  • ‘Watching Waiting’ - R-A-W Recorded Action Web Exhibition Bbeyond



Individual Performances 2013-2020


  • ‘Line up and join in’ Art Manifest(o)s - Fringe Arts Bath May 2018

  • ‘Line up and join in’ - Squash and Stretch Performance Art Festival, LAPER Oxford Brookes May 2018

  • “POP’ – Reversed, Performance Afternoon at White Theatre, University of Bristol 2018

  • ‘Now’ - Drink Soda, Oxford Brookes, December 2017

  • ‘Who is Gertrude’ - POMANA – Hamlet, The Vestibules, Bristol, November 2017

  • ‘Are you reading me?’ - A Thousand Words, Scaffold Gallery, The Great Medical Disaster, Manchester October 2017

  • ‘Permanence is Overrated’ ‘It just is (2)’ ‘SOS’ - Curiosity Carnival, European Researchers’ Night, September 2017

  • ‘Identity’ - Eighth Wonder, 44AD Bath, August 2017

  • ‘Destination Unknown’ - Embodied Cartographies Fringe Arts Bath, June 2017

  • ‘It just is(2)’ - Art and Text, 44AD, Bath, February 2017

  • ‘At last a real art work’ - Vibrations 3 on-line journal launch, Live Art Development Agency, Hackney Wick, London February 2017

  • ‘REJECT’ - Fareham Open, August/ September 2016

  • ‘Multi-tasking Junkie’ - SoloLive, Fringe Arts Bath, May 2016

  • ‘REJECT’, ‘It just is’ - Live Friday, Playground, Ashmolean, Oxford May 2016

  • ‘It just is’ - Performance Showcase, Vibrations Art Journal, Old Fire Station, Oxford December 2015

  • ‘It just is’ - Arts re Search Conference, Oxford Brookes November 2015

  • ‘Fragile’ - ‘It just is’ Playground on Fire, Old Fire Station, Oxford June 2015 

  • ‘Fragile’ - Disobedient Art Fringe Arts Bath May 2015

  • ‘It just is’ - Fringe Arts Bath, May 2015

  • ‘Spin’ -  Kymmata: The gods for playmates O3 Gallery, Oxford  February 2015

  • ‘Lonely Cup’ - A dialogue on Nothing in Art Fringe Arts Bath 2014

  • ‘Lonely Cup’ - Playground New Work and Collaboration Platform, Old Fire Station, Oxford 2014

  • ‘Think Write, Move Box’ - Arts re:Search, Oxfordshire Art Weeks Oxford 2014

  • ‘Think or Drink’ - Nothing in Art Oxford 2014

  • ‘The beetle in the box’ - Oxford Brookes Research Student Conference, May 2014

  • ‘Cenosillicaphobia’ - Stammtisch Performance Art Evening, Oxford 2013



Performance Presentations 2016-2020


  • ‘It doesn’t just happen you know! The process of a performance. TDE Research Methods Festival, Oxford Brookes, 2020

  • ‘Action’ Postgraduate Research Student Conference, Oxford Brookes, 2019

  • ‘Chapter 1 (draft) Ways of using text in performance’ - Postgraduate Research Student Conference, Oxford Brookes University May 2018

  • ‘I don’t eat bubble-gum but I like the smell’ - ‘As (Every/No)Body’, Fringe Arts Bath, June 2017

  • ‘I don’t eat bubble-gum but I like the smell’ - The Bubble, Lapsody 2017, 6th International festival and Conference, Theatre Academy, Helsinki, May 2017

  • ‘I don’t eat bubble-gum but I like the smell’ - Research Student Conference, Oxford Brookes University, May 2017

  • ‘Three Questions No Answers’ - Graduate College Live, Oxford Brookes, June 2016

  • ‘It’s Been FaB’ -Colloquy, Fringe Arts Bath, June 2016

  • ‘Three Questions No Answers’ - TDE Research Student Conference, Oxford Brookes, May 2016

  • ‘It’s really interesting but I don’t understand it’ - CARU Arts research Conference 2016, Oxford Brookes University December 2016


Group/Collaborative Performances 2016-2019


  • ‘Box Series’ (with Austin Sherlaw-Johnson, Jemima Hall, Lee Riley, Anna Yearwood, Emma Stevens, Annie Wright, Alex Newton, Katrin Hattenhauser) - ‘In-Tuition’ Glass Tank, Oxford Brookes University June 2019

  • ‘Controversy’ – LEAD Performance Art Festival, Oxford Brookes University May 2019

  • ‘Witches Daughters’ (assisting Veronica Cordova de la Rosa with Ileana Ghergina) Spellbound, Live Friday, Ashmolean, Oxford 2018

  • ‘In our own words’ (with Tess Talula, Jenny Wylie, Annie Wright, Jemima Hall, Kesia Decote) - Where’s the Art CARU Anniversary Event, Ovada 2017

  • ‘Sign Here’ (with Jemima Hall) - Elastic Performance Festival, Oxford Brookes University, May 2017

  • ‘’You’re Beautiful’ Three, three-minute pop songs, (assisting Austin Sherlaw-Johnson) - Audiograft Festival, Ovada, Oxford March 2017

  • ‘CRASHFLIPWIZZBANGTING’, CARU, group performance, Cowley Road Carnival, Oxford, July 2016

  • ‘Palladian’ group performance, ‘Colloquy’, Fringe Arts Bath, June 2016


Exhibitions 2008-2016


  • ‘REJECT’ - Fareham Open, August/ September 2016

  • ‘Fragile’ - Disobedient Art, Fringe Arts Bath May 2015

  • ‘It’s a Party’ - Videovada, Locals Night Screening, Ovada Warehouse, Oxford, April 2015

  • ‘Big Society’ (Animation) - This Plot, This England - A response to St. Georges Day, Great Yarmouth, April 2015

  • ‘Reflection’ – Open Spaces, Mottisfont, 2014

  • ‘Bubbly’ – car art park, The Oxford Wine Company, Oxford, 2014

  • ‘Reflection’ – Resonance, Art in the Ark, Basingstoke 2013

  • ‘Copse’, ‘Crown Cover’, ‘Abbotsbury’ - Pop up print show, Old Fire Station, Oxford 2012

  • ‘Big Society’ - Portsmouth Calling, Aspex Portsmouth 2012

  • ‘Big Society’ - Liberated Words, Pound Arts Centre Corsham 2012

  • ‘£9000’ - Misinformation, Bath Fringe 2012

  • ‘Big Society’ - Collected Vision, Pegasus Theatre, Oxford 2012

  • ‘£9000’ - Immediate Territory, Magdalen Road Studios, Oxford 2011

  • ‘Reflection’ (light box) ‘art in a box’ one church street gallery Great Missenden 2011

  • ‘Beech Avenue’, ‘Copse’, ‘Crown Cover’ (tree prints) Art @ Sudborough 2011

  • ‘Reflection, Canary Wharf’ (drawing) - Open Exhibition Runnymede Gallery 2011

  • ‘Reflection, Canary Wharf’- Open Drawing, Plough Arts Centre Great Torrington 2010

  • ‘The population of Oxford 2009’ (drawing) - Art in Woodstock 2009

  • ‘Beech Avenue’ (tree print) Open 09’ Dorchester Arts Centre (Evolver Prize) 2009

  • ‘Reflection, Canary Wharf’ (drawing), Drawn to Poole, Poole Lighthouse Arts Centre 2008



  • ‘Lead’ Performance Art Festival, Headington Hill Hall, Oxford Brookes University 2019

  • ‘Squash and Stretch’ Performance Art Festival, Headington Hill Hall, Oxford Brookes University, May 2018

  • Street Performances, Curiosity Carnival, European Research Night, September 2017

  • ‘Elastic’ Performance Art Festival, Headington Hill Hall, Oxford Brookes University May 2017

  • ‘SoloLive20x4’ Fringe Arts Bath 2016

  • ‘Living Numbers’ Fringe Arts Bath 2013




  • ‘Draw to Perform 3, Exhibition Review’ Crow’s Nest Gallery, London July 2017 Drawing Research Theory and Practice, Intellect

  • ‘Lie Back and Think of England’ Artists Anonymous, On-line Journal, March 2015 

  • ‘Method(ology)’ Vibrations On-line Journal, 2013




  • PhD awarded 2020 Oxford Brookes University ‘Text+Object+Action Can text work as the focus of a performance art practice?

  • 2010 – 2012 M.A. Contemporaty Art (distinction) Oxford Brookes University

  • 2006 – 2009 B.A. Fine Art (first class) Oxford Brookes University

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